Rooted in the Vedas, India's ancient system of astrology
Jyotisha is also known as the science of light.
Using the sidereal system, this form of astrology is more astronomically acccurate.

Sacred Vedic Astrology

By: Samantha Shravana

Welcome to, Sacred Vedic Astrology. Samantha Shravana is a professionally trained sidereal vedic astrologer, with a deep passion for helping others find their purpose, understand their path, and have clarity towards their future through the divine knowledge of Jyotisha, also known as the “science of light”. Jyotisha, more recently known as vedic astrology, is profound ancient knowledge that can help us understand our karma, dharma, purpose, career, and so much more! Vedic astrology is using the sidereal calculations, which is more accurate in connection to the ecliptic, or the movement of stars over time.

Samantha has always had a deep fascination and love for astrology, finding her own natal chart at the young age of thirteen, instantly fascinated and enthralled. Her studies begin then, with tropical western astrology. Samantha was frustrated with the lack of depth, predictive techniques, and ancient tradition in western astrology. She loved western astrology as a side passion, but never connected with it enough to pursue it professionally.

Upon a series of very clear synchronicities and signs, Samantha found herself called to the path of Vedic Astrology. The universe was quite literally speaking to her, showing her the way to this ancient language, which instantly felt like home. Samantha enrolled in the University of Vedic Astrology, studying under Joni Patry, and has been working with clients ever since. Samantha found so much clarity on her own life, and path through vedic sidereal astrology, and now helps others find the same knowledge.

Vedic Sidereal Astrology is a sacred, ancient tool to help us on our path to understanding ourselves, the timing of our life, and future energy with so much accuracy. Book a reading today and experience the beauty of Sacred Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reading

The most popular service that I currently offer

Transit + Dasha Period Reading

An in depth look into your current astrological  transits, and dasha period. 

Natal Chart + Transits+ Dasha Reading

This is the in depth reading for those looking to truly understand your natal chart, and current energy unfolding through transits.

I just had my first astrology reading with Samantha and I was blown away! She was able to explain a lot of aspects about myself that I didn’t even know could show up in a reading! She shed light on some situations in my life and explained why they happened and was even able to tell me about upcoming time periods that will be good for certain things. She was also able to give me some guidance in my career as well. Thank you so much Samantha for that very enlightening reading! I can’t wait to see what’s in my daughter’s chart!! ❤️

Bryanna R.

My reading with Samantha was so sincere, energizing, and inspiring. Samantha was able to speak to so many themes and questions within my life past and present, and shed light on a new path forward. The laughter throughout the reading was the best of all. I left the conversation with a smile and a completely new astrological perspective to continue unpacking and integrating into my life! Thank you, Samantha.

Monica M.

Sam confirmed huge obstacles that I’ve faced in my past /present with an astrology reading . As well as guided meditation and grounding modalities. She made me feel heard and seen. I will definitely book another session with her as I continue my spiritual journey ✨🙏🏽

Gabriela P.

Throughout her reading of my chart, I felt like she could really see who I was, and she connected with me on multiple levels. She knew the answers I was seeking without me asking. Her attitude was friendly, fun, and refreshing, and I definitely feel I have the information and guidance to move forward as I want to. Thank you so much!

Lorne R.

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