Welcome back to the podcast! Today we are we joined by Garz Chan, a very powerful energy healer who works in various modalities to clear the unseen & unconscious for her clients. Garz works in healing across all timelines, and has been doing this work for over a decade. We discuss growing up empathic, the path to becoming a healer, finding purpose,  breaking generational trauma, collective trauma, & so much more.

Garz works 1:1 with clients, and also has an online workshop to tap into your own abilities & gifts as well. Find Garz for 1:1 sessions – https://www.chineseenergyhealing.com/or her workshop- https://www.alchemistsartshealing.com/

Samantha Shravana is a professional healer, poet, & natal 8th house moon. Let’s dive deep into this path together. Enjoy.🌙🌛

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