Welcome back to the podcast! Today, we are joined by vedic astrologer and guide, Chitralekha, also known as Vedic Astro By Chitra. Chitra discusses her history in vedic astrology, some of the roots/origins of the ancient Science of Light, Jyotish, and the mythology behind Rahu/Ketu (also known as the south versus north node). We delve into some basic understandings of Rahu/Ketu through all the houses, and what they mean for your chart.

Find Chitra below for sessions, vedic astrology updates, and so much more!

Find Chitra here : https://www.vedicastrobychitra.com/links

Samantha Shravana is a professional healer, poet, & natal 8th house moon. Let’s dive deep into this path together. Enjoy.🌙🌛

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